The Timeless Bermuda
The Timeless Bermuda
Kangol Furgora Bermuda

The Timeless Bermuda

It’s similar to making sneakers in the fact that each shape & size requires its own mold.

Believe it or not, it’s been 70 or so years since we’ve been rocking the Kangol brand. As far as bucket hats are concerned, the name is almost synonymous with the brand. You know that LL Cool J rocked the bells in his bucket hat, and of course we saw Rakim and now-days ScHool Boy Q rocks out in them as well. Make your way back to NYC – The Bronx in particular, and you will see the classic Kangol Bermudas in full swing.

In 2017, Kangol uses ecological-focused yarns such as recycled Polyester fashioned out of water bottles or the Viscose made from Bamboo. When designing or manufacturing a Kangol, there are a few designed specs that go into play. For one, Kangol hats are always knitted. When making the shape for the hat, a steam-blocking process is used.

Kangol Head Designer – Nic Harris – explains that “It’s similar to making sneakers in the fact that each shape & size requires its own mold.”

It is within these style guides – or restrictions, if you will – that technology is used to create new designs or invent techniques for new concepts. Think: seamless texture knits or the 2-Tone hat.

The Bermuda And Hip Hop

LL Cool J was one of the main rappers in the 1980s that made the Kangol Bermuda hat popular in Urban & Hip Hop culture

The most famous of all Kangol hats is unquestionably the Bermuda Casual. LL Cool J or DMC (of Run DMC, of course) are probably the first people that come to mind when we think of the Bermuda hat, but because of the round shape of the hat’s crown; this is more of a bell hat as opposed to a bucket.

Hip Hop’s beginning was laden with hustlers and creative entrepreneurial spirited people, mostly young 20-something-year-olds. This spirit saw and took care of the need to stand out and be trend setters. The way they did this was by wearing different styles of clothing than what was mainstream and expected. Grafting in clothes and garments that were originally designed for a different purpose and giving it a new life is one of the main ways that this visual representation of the new flair and mind state – via fashion – was achieved.

Kangol Furgora Bermuda
orange bermuda kangol rooftop product image
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Bucket hats were originally designed as a fishing or golf style hat, but these new trend setters wore it in a new way, and it in turned became known to symbolize an urban fashion and entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, the Bermuda Kangol is both a throwback to the early days (some would say the glorious days) of Hip Hop and its emergence as the fashion and style standard with most youth, as well as a statement of fashion purity and holding dear to the foundations. While there are many variations and product innovations to the Kangol line, the Bermuda remains true-to-form (not considering any new color patterns or manufacturing processes) as it was in the days of its Hip Hop-centric emergence.

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